Sarah Tommany

Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner (BFPR)

After personally benefiting from the power of the Bach Remedy System, I use my energy to help clients identify and acknowledge their emotional imbalances. 

Bach remedies can help you reduce stress, avoid burnout and find a way back to a more balanced life – both at home and at work.

Imagine returning to the best version of you, in both mind and body.  I’d like to support you on your journey.

My Journey

Originally from the UK, I qualified and worked in specialist areas of education for over 15 years, before consciously changing my lifestyle and moving to Bulgaria to live in a simpler way.

As with many careers, professional educators commonly experience a work/life imbalance.  If not dealt with, this may lead to emotional imbalance and ultimately over time, physical impacts too.

I learnt that living like this, isn’t living – it’s surviving – but the imbalance can be addressed. 

Cerato helps with feelings of self-doubt, giving us confidence in our own judgement
Oak helps those who struggle on dutifully to learn self-care and their own limits

Self-care isn’t selfish, as you have a better chance to give your best when your mind and body are in balance.  You have the potential to live a healthy life and have a positive impact on those around you.  By looking after you and being in balance, you are looking after your community too.

I’m now thoroughly enjoying my journey through life and see improvements every day. My emotional recovery was achieved using a combination the Bach Remedy System, with bespoke tinctures created to support my evolving thought and feelings and the use of regular Reiki treatments to support my healing.  The benefits have reached my physical health too, enabling me to make the most of my life in Bulgaria.

A little bit more …

  • I’m also a Reiki Practitioner, with particular focus on distance healing
  • I use Bach remedies and Reiki with animals and plants to great effect
  • A keen gardener, I grow organic fruit and veggies on our land and am studying permaculture and regenerative landscapes
  • Creative projects are crucial to wellbeing and I enjoy being innovative using clay, painting, cloth, tatting, macramé , drawing & up-cycling
  • Physical movement is incredibly beneficial for emotional balance.  I’m lucky to live in beautiful settings to walk locally in Bulgaria and the UK.  Plus, a bit of dancing about the house is a daily must!
Red Chestnut helps with fears for our loved ones

Bach flower Images courtesy of The Bach Centre