Lancashire, UK |

I was looking for something to help me with my anxiety and stress and decided to have a Bach Flower consultation. This took some courage to initiate but I am so glad I did!

Before the consultation I was apprehensive, as I find it difficult to talk about myself. Sarah has a gentle, calming, non-judgemental manner about her and soon put me at ease.

During the consultation I felt safe, supported and listened to and Sarah showed empathy and understanding of what my issues were and prescribed the Bach Flowers that would be suitable for me. 

I already had a belief in natural healing therapies but was astounded at how quickly this prescription worked for me. I started to notice subtle changes at first in my responses to certain situations, I was less stressed, I could cope better with the anxiety of the unknown and worries about my family were put into perspective.

 I am now in a place where I am more in control of my feelings and feel empowered because of it.

It is life changing.  I found the whole experience cathartic and enlightening. Thank you Sarah.

Bach flower Images courtesy of The Bach Centre