Lancashire, UK |

My mother periodically experiences night terrors, where she physically acts out the violence in her dreams.  She hits walls and falls out of bed with the power of the emotions felt during sleep.  

The experience is deeply unsettling, causing anxiety regarding sleep, plus the physical response has caused harm in itself.  A range of lifestyle changes had been made over time, but to no avail, which is when I requested help from Sarah at Wellspring.

One of Sarah’s strongest skills is the way she listens and prompts you during the consultation, to tease out a full understanding of the situation.  This process alone is cathartic.  She was then able to not only tackle the primary issue, but strengthen her flower remedy recommendations by highlighting secondary issues that were interlinked.  

Based on this consultation, it was useful for my mother and I to have an exploratory conversation about the range of emotions that were feeding the night terrors.  This alone was a positive experience, as my mother felt like she wasn’t suffering alone and that support was available from Sarah and I.  Separating out the associated issues meant that my mother could acknowledge them in turn, verbalising them during conversations during the day, rather than storing them up in her body and mind for release at night.  This was a powerful part of the process.

Sarah supplied the tincture. One bottle provided fantastic value and lasted a few weeks.  It was satisfying to use a natural remedy and not add to the plethora of existing medication on my mother’s prescription.  This gave my mother confidence that there would be no ill effects, but we were careful to be aware of any intended emotional changes.

Within a few days of taking the tincture, my mother’s mind had eased, both during the day and at night, so her sleep was less troubled.  The intensity of the racing thoughts that filled her hours were significantly lessened, which was an emotional and physical relief for my mother.

It’s difficult to witness a family member experience emotional blockages, especially when the effects are mentally and physically damaging, with the cause not fully realised.  The support provided by Sarah from the consultation and throughout the course of the tincture, is caring, professional, thorough, heart-felt and based on a wealth of certified knowledge.  Rest assured that you are in safe hands.

Bach flower Images courtesy of The Bach Centre